MANPOWER Trucking Inc.


"Service, Time, Safety"

"For us, ManPower means the power from within ourselves to treat others with humanity and kindness. 'Man' signifies mankind and our need to be included; diverse while practicing individuality and the power it takes to keep a community moving and growing. Let's all practice ManPower'!" Hilary Sandiford, Founder & President 

      Our deference features

| Woman-Owned and Operated

   Innovative & Transparency

ManPower Trucking Inc. was created with the driver and customer in mind.  Our model centers around the importance of 'Service, Time and Safety'The need for expedited, smaller loads, crossborder, quickly grew and operates under, ManPower Expedite, to cater to customers' quick deliver and pick up needs. Just like our customers, we understand the needs of the driver in order to maintain and deliver quality service to the customer. Drivers are required to have professional truck driving experience. Giving the driver more defensive driving methods and better peace of mind on the road. Although new to the industry (founded in 2019), ManPower Trucking Inc. has already created a reputation for service and professionalism.  We are proud of the partnerships we have made within the industry to fill the transportation needs of logistical/freight forwarders, other businesses, and residential customers. 

Let's face it, time sensitivity in this industry is paramount! We'll remove the pressure and take on the urgency of your shipment being picked up and delivered EARLY, using our promise of 'Service, Time, Safety'.

Let ManPower Expedite and ManPower Trucking Inc. meet your transportation needs!

Fully Insured Carrier | CVOR in Good Standing

01  Mission & Vision

To offer a transparent and innovative service that strives in the area of diversity and inclusivity while focusing on service, time and safety for the customer.

02  Promise


Transparency, customer-driven, quality drivers, and unbeatable rates. 
Through professionalism, honesty, and fairness we aim for excellence.


 A promise to treat each shipment with time sensitivity and to deliver or pick up 

within 15 minutes of pick up/delivery time.


Ensuring that all of our drivers are certified, defensive drivers.

Shipment will be secured and safely transported.

03  Core Values

  • Diversity: We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.
  • Performance: Safety and time is the essence of the foundation of good delivery service.
  • Passion: Passion is at the heart and the driving force of our service and the Founder. Forwarded thinking, innovative, and continuously improving a must.
  • Integrity: Honesty, transparency, ethics, and fair-mindedness are paramount.
  • Leadership: To look into the future and encourage changes that not only better our services but benefits, customers and drivers.  

      We Love What We Do

| Meet The Founder/President

Founder & President

Her Idea

ManPower Trucking Inc. is the brainchild of Hilary Sandiford.  After over 18 years in business and collectively five years within the trucking industry, she took on the challenge of creating a hotshot, expediting, and same-day ground asset-based carrier service for hire that models around the importance of 'Service, Time and Safety'. Her company is the only woman-led, woman-owned, minority-owned, and operated van/trucking business in Orangeville, Ontario. Her mission is to offer each customer excellent service and fast deliveries safely. Innovation is her passion, always forward-thinking! With growing, and future plans to extend services to the USA, her vision is to offers diversity, inclusivity, high-quality safety standards, and a service that works for and with the customer. Hilary is a proud member of the Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce and Women In Trucking. 

"I started ManPower Trucking Inc. by using my love for the road, people, and the necessity to use my diverse business, employment, and personal background as an asset. I wanted to create a service where people matter and the importance of quality is fact! I also wanted my customers to feel appreciated by showcasing the importance of transparency, time, and safety and how much it matters to me personally. Drivers, brokers, and suppliers are the pillar stones to our communities and livelihood. These frontline workers are to be valued. I love what I do and I am also excited about the initiative I'm currently working on that will bring more women into the trucking industry as I continue to build, my goal is to establish  opportunities on both sides of the border ."  

Hilary Sandiford, Founder & President

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